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Customer Support Portal

Creating, viewing, and editing a support case is incredibly simple. Read and/or download this PDF below to learn more.

To access the Customer Support Portal, click here.


This is where you can submit suggestions on how we can further improve our product to help your business and review/vote for ideas that other customers have submitted.

If you have a suggestion on how to improve the Intradiem solution or would like to browse and vote for other ideas submitted by our customers, please read this post.

We recommend discussing ideas with your Success Manager before posting them to UserVoice. Your Success Manager may have more information about the future of the Intradiem Solution and potential updates.

Please be aware that the UserVoice is private and only accessible to Intradiem customers and associates. If you have already contributed ideas, they have not been removed, but you will be required to register and be granted access to continue contributing. You can request access by sending an email to ... include your name, company email address, and company name. We request that you do NOT  register with a personal email address. 

Customer Sandbox

Do you want to learn more about the Intradiem solution while exploring its features and functionalities in a worry-free environment? The Customer Sandbox is a playground available for customers to practice building rules, to learn how to navigate through the system, and to explore the many capabilities Intradiem has to offer!

Read and/or download this PDF to learn more about "The Rules of the Tool" and how to gain access to the Customer Sandbox.

To access the Customer Sandbox, click here


WebHelp (Intradiem's Online Product Documentation) can help you make the most of your Intraday Automation experience!

WebHelp provides updated navigation and search options, and responsive output for different display sizes, including tablets and phones.

To access WebHelp, click here.